I've just started a small project building a simple weblog site using ASP.NET MVC. I know there are heaps of blog sites out there but I thought it would be a good project to get familiar with ASP.NET MVC, JQuery and Silverlight 2.

I don't like writing about projects I'm going to build, but I'm hoping I can get a couple of the guys from work involved to share the learning and the work. I'm also going to hassle a few graphic designers I know and try to get little free consulting and maybe even some design work.

It will be used it to drive this blog instead of BlogEngine.NET which we are currently using.

To keep things simple the project will use the database schema and parts of the Metaweblog API implementation from the BlogEngine.NET project. LINQ to SQL will be used to quickly get some ORM mappings to the database schema. It will also use the standard ASP.NET Membership and Roles providers for SQL Server. Some Silverlight 2 will be added for some cool menus and navigational controls.

Tools, Technologies and Methodologies

The project will use TDD, Agile methodologies and identify design patterns where appropriate.

For now the code will be hosted on our internal Subversion server, but I would like to move it CodePlex eventually. I will move it sooner if anyone else is interested in checking out the code or contributing to the project. I would like to use a build machine, but I'm not sure if there is support for this at CodePlex, but we'll find out.

The project will be developed with .NET 3.5 SP1 and ASP.NET MVC Beta. The Microsoft Unit Test framework will initially be used for unit testing but a Mock Testing framework may be introduced later.

The project should be able to be run and debugged using the Visual Studios internal development web server and SQL Server Express, basically by pressing F5 after checking out the code.

Initial Requirements

In agile fashion the project will start with some initial requirements, additional requirements can be added as the project evolves.

So that's it for now, hopefully we can knock this first iteration together pretty quickly.


I don't want to get to far into fine grained tasks as I don't have to estimate the project time or cost, but I do want to cover the basic tasks as it does give an indication of what I expect will need to be done for this phase.

Lets Rock'n'Roll

Hopefully I'll be posting the learning from phase one and the goals of phase two next week.