I'm going to Scoopcamp for the hackathon again this year as I had a lot of fun last year. I'm joining the Henri-Nannen-Schule team who to want to make some news games. To help ensure I can help with their ideas and not get bogged down in boring technical details, I decided to have a look at what tools, resources, libraries and frameworks exist these days that might be useful.

This morning I decided I would build a game with the Phaser HTML5 game framework, Tiled map editor and Texture Packer (trail version) and post it on this blog. I decided the game would be about bull fighting as I was trying to animate a bull earlier and because I knew Inés wouldn't approve.

I um, used, some peoples art. I hope this is ok, here is where I found it:

It's a bit of a mess, but was fun. I think I'm better prepared and now looking forward to the hackathon.