Here are the slides and the mysterious code that was never shown from my DevEvening presentation.

Appologies it's taken a while to get them up, I was hoping to write a bit of a post about what I covered and some of the discussion that came up. That never happened.

Devevening_Presentation.pptx (565.68 kb) (3.42 mb)

I think the presentation went well, the group was really good and we got some good discussions happening before being interrupted by delicious paramas of the world.

I'm looking forward to the next meeting, except it appears I've signed up to represent NoSql (of which I currently know very little about) in an ORM smackdown.

That's what happens when you have meetings at a pub. Anyway it should fun and I'm looking forward to learning enough about NoSql to adequatly represent it in the smackdown.

See ya there.