debugProxy was a project I worked on with David in 2017, I hosted and supported the service at for several years. I did a "Show HN" thread when we released it which was on the front page for a few hours, this gave us plenty of initial users. Despite it working quite well once setup, configuring devices to use it and trust root certificates was always fiddly and very difficult if a certificate pinning technique was used. I made all the code public in 2019. By 2021 usage was sporadic and I shut it down.

Despite the project not being wildly successful, I enjoyed working on it and am proud of what we built.

Because I've apparently learned nothing, I decided to see if it would still work. It turns out I can't even install the packages to build the frontend code anymore (React 15.6, Webpack 4), but I could find a copy of the compiled JavaScript, which I've added to the repository. To run the backend code, I had to build Python 3.7 and pin a few dependency versions.

I regret to say that I have DebugProxy fully working at I'm definitely not going to provide support for getting specific devices to use the proxy, but if there are issues with the proxy or the website, I'd be interested to hear about it.