WebGL has recently seen extra attention caused by banter between the major browser players, which seems to becoming pretty common.

Microsoft called it harmful, a developer from Mozilla raised an issue on Microsoft's connect showing the same risk in Silverlight 5 and Opera and Google bloggers weighed in.

This week it seems to be more about enterprise.

I think WebGL is awesome and I am glad people are pushing the boundaries and although I'm not really into computer gaming, I would like see the graphic technology as part of the web medium.

To get a taste I just wanted to try doing something simple like a rotating cube. Spoiled as we are there is a MDN Getting Started with WebGL guide that walks through doing just that.

I roughly followed along writing in CoffeeScript and found a lot about what happens when you don't get it right. There is quite a lot you need to do, correctly, just to draw a shape on screen programming directly against the API.

After some playing I had the cube you should see above, if the browser supports WebGl anyway. Someone has written IEWebGL plugin, but I haven't tried it. I posted the source here.