I haven't been for a while and this meet was fully packed which was good to see. There were a couple of presentations tonight ... ASP.NET MVC and SOAK.

Architectural Considerations for the ASP.NET MVC Framework - Tatham Oddie

This was a shortened version of the presentation he gave at the Melbourne REMIX 08 ... so a remix of the remix?? Anyways, he talked about the slight improvements in ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 and using Inversion of Control Containers, Dependency Injection pattern implemented by Castle.Windsor project (IWindsorContainer) and the MVC Contrib project. I haven't yet played around with the ASP.NET MVC stuff but it's another area I'd like to get my teeth stuck into.

For more info check out ...

http://blog.tatham.oddie.com.au/ - has a recording of the presentation here.

Also, I liked the Scott Hanselman presentation at MIX08 Las Vegas which you can view here.

SOAK - Australia Imagine Cup Winner - David Burela

The young energetic David gave an overview of the Smart Operational Agriculture Kit (SOAK). Great innovation and technology use ... unfortunately I couldn't stay for the entire presentation but you can read more about it here.