200 hours and 8 minutes later, my devsta entry is finally complete and submitted! Over the next week or so I'll write a post about writing it, how it turned out, what I learned and hopefully provide the code for download. For now, here is a brief description and some screen shots from in the game.

"Micro Machines was one of my favourite old school games and I thought it would be cool to race a Micro Machine around a fictional devstas desktop. Who wouldnt want to race around those icons and windows, trashing the desktop with tire marks?

Desktop Racer is a Silverlight 2 game. It has a Micro Machine like zoomed in mode, and also a mode where the whole desktop is visible. Players can play 1 or 3 laps time trails."

The game starts with an intro and some jokes in a command window

I used a cruise control window for the start lights


You can watch the devsta video while playing!

Finally a trashed desktop and the finish flag toaster.