Ive just build and published a simple site on Google App Engine: PythonSilverScripting.

PythonSilverScripting is based on crazy idea I have that it should be possible to make Silverlight applications in Python on the web. No tools, no SDKs.. just a browser (and obviously the Silverlight browser plug-in).

I've played around a bit with Silverlight and Dynamic Languages here and there and thought it was probably possible. When I got a chance I looked into it and found I was able to build working XAPs by zipping up plain text IronPython code, the IronPython DLR assemblies, an xml application manifest file and all the additional resources such XAML, images and more source.

All I needed was a web server that could zip files. Google App Engine with Python is good fun and I was able to get this working prototype together in an evening. I'd like to build the features to support building bigger projects (more source files, XAML documents, images and assemblies). On the other hand I'd also like to build features to share, discuss and rate scripts. We'll see how it goes.

I hope to take a closer look at Gestalt which makes it possible to write Python and Ruby directly in the HTML document. On quick inspection it appears to be using an XAP with the DLR stuff as a kind of bootstrapper which then inspects the DOM for more script it can execute. It seems to do some dynamic downloading resources which looks interesting, particularly given the size of the assemblies I need to package in the XAP and send to the client every time that Generate Silverlight button is clicked.

There is also of also the Silverlight Interactive Session on the IronPython website which is pretty cool.