For me it's been another busy fun-filled intense year with the usual ups and downs. I've been amazed and fascinated this year with the amount of "new stuff" coming out from all directions, which has seen me cast my information gathering net deep into the web. The result being that I've developed a good case of information addiction, which I will have to tame in order to get anything done ;-)

In particular from Microsoft I've learnt a fair bit this year about Silverlight, WCF, AJAX, MVC but still have a very long todo list ... including Azure, Mesh, Entity Framework, MEF, Surface, Workflow ... and more. I feel that it is a great time to be a software developer with so much to play with and the future looking so promising.

Also this year I stepped up my reading about the "Singularity" which has kept me very entertained - so much so that it's been a while since I've read a scifi novel (except for Ian Bank's - Matter, which was awesome) since reading about what is going on out there is kind of mind blowing. To hear Intel's CTO Justin Rattner say that the singularity will be achieved by 2049 is extraordinary. Most conversations I've had with people about the singularity have been met with confused looks - almost "are you out of your mind" type looks - which made me realize that most people aren't really thinking much about the future, or not the distant future 10+ years - maybe people are just struggling to keep up with progress?

I think that next year that the idea of the singularity will gather a bit more momentum and perhaps get into the mainstream - although that may not be such a good thing ;-)

Anyways here are some of my favorites for the year...

Videos that blew my mind in 2008 (still!)

Technology/ideas that blew my mind (at the time anyways)

Favorite twitter peps

Favorite bloggers

Favorite podcasts

Have a happy new year in 2009!